Over the last 55 years we have successfully completed a large number of contracts. The following is a brief description of recently completed projects.

Highbury Hospital – Nottingham.

Over a 3 year period we provided electrical services to the following areas of construction.

Phase 2: A new adult mental health PICU area including 44 bed ward accommodation with en-suite shower rooms, assisted bathrooms, sitting areas, therapy unit and admin offices etc.

Phase 3: A new 2 storey building incorporating Day Hospital, main entrance areas, learning disabilities and admin areas.

Phase 4: Remodelling of the existing layout to provide a 32 ward accommodation facility, complete with en-suite shower rooms, assisted bathrooms, activity rooms, clinics, dining rooms, and office spaces.
Each phase required lighting & power, mains distribution, emergency lighting, fire alarm and data systems. A number of specialist systems were also required such as Staff Attack, Nurse Call, Warden Call and Anti-Smoking systems.

Tulip Foods – Ashton, Part of Danish Crown Group.

Over a 12 month period we provided the design supply and installation of the following electrical services. Lighting, Power, Fire Alarm, Main Distribution systems to the new Pre-Chill facility, together with the refurbishment of the existing Carcass Chills. The project also involved new Plant Rooms, Rack Wash and Hygiene areas together with the provision of new Bone Trailer facility. Stainless Steel containment systems were installed to all food hygiene and production areas. This project involved working closely with the Main Contractor and Client to enable continual operation of the production areas during the period of refurbishment.

Didsbury Gate Apartment’s – Withington – Manchester.

Over a 3 year period we provided the design supply and installation of electrical services to 170 Apartments and Town Houses. Sub-main cables and associated containment systems were provided to each apartment from various metering areas. We were also installed lighting and power to all communal and apartment areas, together with fire alarm, door entry and TV/Satellite systems.

Liverpool Pier Head Landing Stage & Fire Rescue Building.

The Pier Head Landing Stage consisted of a Landing Area and a Fire and Rescue building. The buildings were constructed on purpose built Pontoon which was moored off site. The completed structure and Pontoon were then floated into final position opposite the Liver Building. Once in position a purpose built access bridge was connected to the Pontoon. Connections for the mains power, fire alarm and data connections were made via flexible cables from the landing stage to the main terminal building.


For over 30 years we have been involved with numerous Education projects, incorporating new buildings, extensions and refurbishment works. We have carried out many rewiring contracts which often require working to very tight schedules, to enable the completion of the works  throughout the School holiday period.

Medical Centres.

Working together with a number of Main Contractors over the last 15 years we have been involved in designing and installing electrical services to a number of new and refurbished medical centres.

Refurbishment projects often involve working closely with the Contractor and Client in an effort to install the new systems whilst the buildings are occupied. Our prime objective is to minimise the disruption to the day to day running of the centres.

Church Buildings.

Working together with a number of main contractors and often directly with clients over the last 30 years we have been involved in designing and installing electrical services to a number of new and existing church buildings. Over the last few years we have been actively employed in several large Church re-wiring projects involving updating lighting systems and installing emergency lighting systems.

Energy Efficiency.

With over 55 years of experience within the electrical industry we can provide energy efficient solutions to suit most lighting applications.

We can help you find the most economical way to light and power your premises using low energy lighting solutions. We can not only offer like for like energy efficient replacements for your existing light fittings, we can also review your whole lighting scheme to gain the maximum efficiency.

In the UK, business produces almost half of our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Even one office can emit three to five tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. It is a known fact that business can realise significant money savings by simply upgrading old lighting systems with new more energy efficient lighting. By drastically reducing the electricity demanded from the power utilities by local authorities and business and industry, a substantial impact can be had on the reduction of CO2 emissions released, and on industry’s carbon footprint as a whole. Add the option for the responsible re-use of the existing lighting system fixture, and project costs can be further reduced while putting even less of an effect on the environment.

One kilowatt-hour of electricity will cause 1.35 pounds (610 g) of CO2 emission. A GU10 halogen downlighter rated at 50W on for an average of 8 hours a day will, over a year, cause 196 pounds (89kg) of CO2. The 3-watt LED equivalent will only cause 11 pounds (5 kg) of CO2 over the same time period, a reduction of around 94%. A building’s carbon footprint from lighting can be reduced by between 63% and 94% by exchanging all lamps and tubes for new LED lamps and tubes.

There are various other ways of improving your organisation’s lighting usage by including:

  • Occupancy sensors: By dimming or switching off lighting when there is nobody in a room occupancy sensors can reduce electricity use by 30%.
  • Daylight sensors: Adjusting the artificial lighting according to the amount of natural light in a room using daylight sensors or photocells can reduce electricity use by up to 40%.

We are able to offer energy efficient solutions to accommodate new or existing installations utilising the most up to date and current technology.

Electric Metering.

Energy metering is now a significant requirement of the Building regulations Part L2.  With  years of experience within the electrical industry we can provide energy metering solutions to suit most non-domestic environments.

We can help you find the most economical way to incorporate metering facilities into your existing electrical installations.

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